I build in the 0-1 phase of development.

I love working with designers, developers, and key stakeholders to ship Web3 products and protocols.

Current Work

As the Product Manager at SZNS I guide our team to deliver a DAO governed system for fractional management of NFTs.

Square 1 is a content concept createdwith the help of some friends. The goal of the project is to provide valuable, evergreen information for people interested in understanding Web3 and crypto. A 12 episode podcast launched last spring found on all platforms

Past Work

Maple Finance
I served as the Product Manager at Maple Finance through the launch of their token and application. This resulted in my leading a successful $10M LBP distribution event, as well as finalizing designs for the application interface in Figma.

CollabLand allows people to create members-only chatrooms in Telegram and Discord based on token holdings.

It became the fastest growing crypto social app in the world in August 2020, gathering 50K+ users in just a few months.

My work with CollabLand focused on product UI/UX, branding, and marketing.

For Abridged I focused on business development, marketing, and operations. My role grew into leading product as we pivoted into CollabLand. I managed a global team of 5-12 across 5 timezones.

some tools I use...